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We design, manufacture, and install superb glass balustrades, glass railings, glass walls and glass staircase fencing for both commercial and residential projects.


Installing a glass balustrade on a balcony or staircase is a big decision.

We are true experts in this field – ready to help you. Mourne Craft specialises in the design, manufacture, and installation of superb glass balustrades, glass railings, glass walls and glass staircase fencing for both commercial and residential projects. This site presents our services, and explains glass types, glass technology and shows many examples of our work.

We deliver outstanding glass balustrades – both for internal and external use. These can be framed (with stainless steel posts) or frameless (all glass), as you prefer.

Our tight-knit and friendly family-owned business, formed back in the 1970’s, was founded on three core principles –

Quality first. No work completed until perfect.
Going above customer expectations.
Consistently delivering world-class after service
Those principles still guide everything we do for our customers today.
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What exactly is a ‘balustrade’ anyway?

Collins Dictionary says,“A balustrade is a railing or wall on a balcony or staircase”. The Cambridge Dictionary adds “A set of posts or a screen to prevent people from falling over the edge of stairs, a balcony etc.”

So, a glass balustrade is simply a glass wall, glass railing or glass fence. These glass walls can be fitted pretty well anywhere, but most frequently on balconies and staircases.


Just imagine, a beautiful, crafted, curved all glass wall, adding impact and style to your home or business

Creating and installing glass balustrades is a complex process. Mourne Craft is a highly specialist company with a strong track record of delivering 100% customer satisfaction.

We have UNIQUE experience that sets us apart in this sector. We deliver internal and external glass balustrades, including the installation of the most complex and difficult solution possible – curved glass balustrades. All installations are carried out to the highest safety and quality standards.
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We have successfully completed over 2,000 installations  across Ireland and Northern Ireland.

From Dublin, to Donegal, Wicklow, Belfast, London, Galway, Enniskillen, and Portrush… We install these glass walls and glass railings – balustrades – into homes, offices, commercial premises and showrooms. Mostly we are commissioned by home or business owners directly.

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External stainless steel posts with handrail
External stainless steel post - No handrail
External powder coated posts
External frameless with base spiggots
External curved
External frameless with hidden base channel
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Over the years we have supported over 500 commercial contractors and architects to help them complete their most prestigious projects.

They have trusted us to do a professional job to the highest standards for them. Among the best-known organisations we have worked with are – Oakmount Ltd, Thomas Moore homes Ltd, Conrad Developments, Eco Build Ltd, Totalis Construction, Broomfield Construction.

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We can advise on your individual project ensuring you have the right grade of steel and the correct thickness of glass in your project to ensure safety and to meet building regulations.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about your individual project, so please feel free to give us a call on
+ 44 28 417 63664 or contact us via our simple enquiry form.

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