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We love our work, and we love answering questions!

Here is a list of some of the questions we are most commonly asked –

Absolutely not. We are a proud, 3-generation family firm with its roots and future in Northern Ireland and Ireland.  Our founder, George McConnell, was replaced by his son, Ronald, who is the current MD.  Ronald’s son, Ryan, is part of the team today. George’s other son Ivor is also part of the team. We will always stay local and true to our values.

Yes we are.  We combine a family-led approach, with extensive local knowledge.  We never compromise on quality or safety.  We look after our team members very well and we are a tight, happy group!  We have unrivalled experience of the glass industry, glass standards and types, and matching glass types with customer needs (see ‘Who are Mourne Craft’ here for more background).  We really are different in many ways…  

We buy our glass in from Carlen glass & Ideal glass. From time to time we also use other suppliers for the more complex curved jobs. Our stainless-steel suppliers are Q Rail, Aalco & FH Brundle. Our galvanize & powder coat supplier is NK Coatings from Mallusk. All suppliers hold the relevant quality standards & have provided a good, high quality service to us over the years.

We pretty much work all year round even with the outdoor products. If it is a really wet day we would tend to move to an indoor job, but mostly we can keep going all year round.

A typical stainless steel / glass balustrade would take 3-4 weeks from start to finish.

This varies, depending on the product we have supplied to you. We do provide a guidance sheet in relation to maintenance, along with a pack for future use. (stainless steel & glass cleaner).

We can help with this. We will have a good chat with you at the start to give us a feel for what you have in mind and from that what options are available. We can also provide 3d renders (images) to help bring your thoughts to life.

We come up against this a lot. A first floor flat roof will usually have some sort of a sealant applied to stop water getting into the room below. It is important this is not penetrated. This makes it very difficult to close this off with a balustrade, but you will still need one for safety. The good news is that there are options. We often manufacture and install off-set balustrades that can be fixed to the outside face of the wall which means we don’t have to go near any waterproof sealant. 

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We can advise on your individual project ensuring you have the right grade of steel and the correct thickness of glass in your project to ensure safety and to meet building regulations.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about your individual project, so please feel free to give us a call on
+ 44 28 417 63664 or contact us via our simple enquiry form.

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