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Who are Mourne Craft?

We are based in Kilkeel, at the point of the foot of County Down. Ideally positioned to help customers across Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The company was formed in the 1970’s and has stayed true to its initial values since then –

Quality first. No work completed until perfect.
Going above customer expectations.
Consistently delivering world-class after service
Our team are all professionals. Working with glass is complex and the highest standard of work is essential. And we treat our staff the same as our customers. In fact, we are a very early adopter of the 4-day week working practice. We believe in having a happy, committed team and have been successful because of their efforts over the years.
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We are the leading specialists in glass and stainless-steel solutions throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Our almost 5 decades of experience means that we have seen every situation and need. No matter how unusual or complex your challenge, we can help you.

And one additional fact helps us to stand out from other suppliers. On top of our experience, thousands of installations, local knowledge, partnerships with leading builders, contractors and architects and the quality of our team.

Read below to find out what our 'unique' is.

Our Managing Director, Ronald McConnell, took over the company from the founder, his Father, George.

BUT, along the way, from 1992 to 2008, he left the family business for 17 years to work directly inside the glass industry. He held multiple roles but became a true domain expert in the use of glass, glass types and glass manufacturing. He was involved in standards discussions in the industry body - the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF). This experience means that we can far better specify the best and safest glass option for your specific needs. One of the roles Ronald held in Toughglass Ltd was Quality Manager and he believes this was the most beneficial learning experience of all. He has taken this knowledge into Mourne Craft and has made quality a corner stone of the business.

Put simply, we know more about the core material we are working with. This means you can trust us to do the best job, with the right materials. Speaking of that, please look at the section below (Let’s talk glass) for our insight into glass types and your installation.

Our experience means that we are comfortable and confident carrying out curved glass installing, something many others avoid. We give you more options…

Why choose Mourne Craft?

The choice of supplier for glass balustrade installations is a major decision for you. We like to think we are simply better AND have more knowledge than our competitors in creating high quality and safe glass walls and glass fencing. Here are just some of the reasons to use Mourne Craft –

Close to 100% customer satisfaction, continually over more than 40 years.
Highly experienced team.
Glass isn’t just another material, it’s complex and must be specified correctly
We don’t stop until its right.
Over 2,000 successful installations.
We KNOW glass and the best options for you.
Safety first approach to your glass balustrade.
Local, family firm.
Our MD is a glass materials domain expert.
Straight or curved glass installations.
Trusted by over 500 builders, contractors and architects.
Value, high quality and the right team
Glass balustrades are a one-off, lifetime choice – go with the best.
LET’s Talk Glass

Glass is at the core of all we do. But glass, is, believe it or not, a complex subject.

In this section we want to help you understand the differences better. AND we want to assess the potential dangers in using the wrong type of glass. Here’s our simple review of the three core types of glass used in our work. There are dozens of variations, but these are the main ones you need to think of. Each glass type can come in multiple thicknesses…

1. Floating (or annealed) glass

This is you might call ‘standard’ glass. We all know what happens when you drop a glass bottle or wine glass on a hard floor. Good for some things but totally unsuitable for glass balustrades, walls, or fences.

2. Tempered or toughened glass

On the surface, this is the perfect solution for balustrades. This glass type is super-heated to about 700c, and the complex process that creates it ensures it is around five times stronger than floating glass. If heavily impacted, it breaks down into small, almost square pieces that are safe to pick up. A big benefit. BUT we often see a potential safety problem with this material as we visit sites. What is it? Look at the bus stop picture, above. We are sure you have seen something...

3. Laminated Glass 

This is the glass type we often specify. Imagine two layers of tempered glass, with a clear sheet between them (see the image above). If one layer gets destroyed, it’s very unlikely the other would go at the same time. So, it’s much stronger. But there’s another big benefit. The EVA sheet that joins the two layers will hold the whole structure together, so no ‘instant hole’ appears. This can be a literal life saver. Many suppliers use PVB for the 'sandwich' material in external balustrades. However, we use EVA which is even more corrosion resistant and a higher standard.

We use our unrivaled knowledge and experience to ensure you have the safest and best option for your installation.

We only use the highest quality tempered/toughened or laminated glass in our installations. Do make sure to ask any potential supplier which glass type they are proposing. We often find that we are quoting laminated glass, while others are proposing tempered, which is much cheaper. Is there a drop, would a hole suddenly appearing be a safety risk to you and your family or staff?
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We can advise on your individual project ensuring you have the right grade of steel and the correct thickness of glass in your project to ensure safety and to meet building regulations.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about your individual project, so please feel free to give us a call on
+ 44 28 417 63664 or contact us via our simple enquiry form.

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