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Jim Irving Joins Mourne Craft as Sales Director

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We are thrilled to share the exciting news that Jim Irving has recently joined the Mourne Craft family as our Sales Director!

Jim's appointment marks a significant step forward for our growing company, and we can't wait to see the positive impact he will have on our business and, more importantly, on the experience we provide to our valued customers.

A Wealth of Experience: 46 Years and Counting

Jim Irving is no stranger to the world of sales and business.

With an impressive 46 years of experience under his belt, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our team. Jim's journey in sales dates back to the 1970s, where he started from the ground up, going door to door.

Over the years, he has worked for major tier one US technology companies, even spearheading a significant part of the European operations for Silicon Graphics. Talk about Silicon Valley savvy!

Jim's professional journey hasn't been limited to a single corner of the globe.

He has left his mark in over 25 countries, contributing his skills and insights to various international ventures.

His extensive experience makes him a seasoned navigator of the business world, and we are eager to tap into his deep well of knowledge.

Post-Corporate Ventures and Literary Achievements

After bidding farewell to the corporate world, Jim shifted his focus to helping over 50 companies in Great Britain, Northern Ireland, and Ireland to achieve successful growth.

His commitment to the industry extends beyond day-to-day operations, as evidenced by his authorship of three highly successful books on sales and business.

You can find these gems on Amazon, offering a glimpse into Jim's profound understanding of the intricacies of salesmanship and business strategies.

Jim's alignment with Mourne Craft's values of ethics and professionalism makes him an ideal addition to our team.

We believe that his principles will seamlessly integrate with ours, creating a harmonious work environment that prioritises integrity and excellence.

Plus, let's not forget his charming Scottish accent, adding a touch of character to our Magherafelt base!

Ronald McConnell's Insight: A Glimpse into the Future

Ronald McConnell, our Managing Director, is optimistic about the positive changes Jim will bring to Mourne Craft.

He shared, "We can already see the strategies that Jim has put in place will improve our systems in the months to come. We are excited to work along with Jim on further projects in 2024 as part of our continuous improvement plans."

Ronald's endorsement further solidifies our belief that Jim's contributions will play a pivotal role in shaping Mourne Craft's future success.

A Promising Future for Mourne Craft

The addition of Jim Irving to Mourne Craft as our Sales Director marks a significant milestone in our journey towards excellence.

With his unparalleled experience, ethical values, and dedication to continuous improvement, Jim is set to propel Mourne Craft to greater levels of success.

As we look forward to the promising projects lined up for 2024, we are confident that Jim's expertise will be a driving force in our continuous pursuit of growth and customer satisfaction.

Here's to a prosperous journey ahead with Jim as an integral part of the Mourne Craft family.

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